Tips for Mental Health

Top Tips for Mental Health

It’s easy to neglect our mental health, we lead busy lives so it’s hard to get a moment’s peace sometime! That doesn’t mean your mental health has to suffer.

Revive has a broad array of nutrients that can help support your mental health.

Kelkin Revive Fitness Tips

1: Take our front runner Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a popular supplement, it really steps up to the mark when it comes to increasing the absorption of iron, and we all know iron is good for our brain since it helps to transport oxygen around the body and helps the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. But did you know that vitamin C is also good for our psychological function?



2: Dial up on the B Vitamins

The B Vitamins are an unlucky bunch, their numbers get jumbled up and we forget what’s good for what, but the good news is no matter what B vitamin you’re taking, they’re all good for helping to release the energy from food, and we know that we need energy to keep our brain working at its best. But what extra stuff do some of the B vitamins do?

Vitamin B12 helps reduce tiredness and fatigue…

Vitamin B1 helps with our psychological functioning…

Vitamin B2 is good for our nervous system…

Vitamin B3 is good for our skin…

Vitamin B5 is good for mental performance…

Vitamin B6 helps regulate our hormone activity…


Kelkin Revive Tips for busy Mums

3: Don’t forget Zinc!

Right down to zinc, we have you covered. Zinc is found in foods like seeds, nuts, fish and meat. A healthy dose of zinc is good for normal cognitive function, helping our body to use the energy found in protein, fat and carbohydrates and if that wasn’t enough, it’s also good for our skin, hair and nails!


Kelkin Revive Fitness Tips


Remember, the Latin phrase ‘Mens Sana in Corpore Sano’- Healthy Body, Healthy Mind- the two come hand in hand, so do make time to keep active too!

Kelkin Revive RangeKelkin Revive contains Vitamin C and Folic Acid, among many other nutrients, which can help to reduce tiredness and fatigue and get you through the day!

Kelkin Revive should be taken as a part of balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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