Health in the Workplace 1

Tips for Health in the Workplace – Part 1

Workplaces can vary but the reality is that the majority of us are faced with a desk to sit behind each morning, so how can we keep healthy while at work?

Kelkin Revive Tips

1: Desk Job Diversions

It’s easy to become distracted while at your desk, the next time you catch your mind wandering, try some desk exercises to freshen you up, a simple stretch might be the kick you need to get back in the zone.


Kelkin Revive Tips

2: Active Commute

Try adding more activity to your commute, whether that means walking to work once a week, cycling when we’ve fine weather or even getting off the bus a stop earlier. Why? Because the studies show that people that include activity in their commute are happier people, and we could all do with a happiness boost!


Kelkin Revive Tips

3: Parking Practicalities

Let’s face it, most of us drive to work, but why not create some competition for the furthest parking place as opposed to the closest? The longer walk helps to stretch out the legs before you’re sitting down for the morning and means you get more fresh air too.


Kelkin Revive Tips4: Lunchtime Logic

After a stressful or busy morning, we do look forward to lunch, so instead of having it at your desk, give lunchtime the attention it deserves. Get used to leaving your desk at lunch time, we know not all staff canteens are a feast for the eyes but the change in environment does you good.

Kelkin Revive Tips

5: Fluid for Fuel

Whether its water, milk, a smoothie, coffee or tea, make sure to aim towards your eight glasses of fluid a day. Getting enough fluid helps keep you focussed- in sport a 2% drop in hydration leads to losses in performance, if we apply the same theory to our work, keeping hydrated helps to keep us productive! To give you an added boost, why not pop a Kelkin Revive into a glass of water to get a boost of B vitamins.

Kelkin Revive RangeKelkin Revive contains Vitamin C and Folic Acid, among many other nutrients, which can help to reduce tiredness and fatigue and get you through the day!

Kelkin Revive should be taken as a part of balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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